VTC - private driver (s)
and private concierge

Chauffeur privé / VTC sur Toulouse et sa région


VTC / Private-Driver, a job with sometimes very busy days, everywhere in France.


VTC / Private-Driver, a job with sometimes very busy days, everywhere in France.

My customers often ask me if it's not boring to always make the same trips between downtown hotels and the airport. And it's true that it's a big part of our activity: the airport is our second home, we start there and we generally finish our days there:) ...
That said, the interest of our profession is precisely the fact that we meet people each time all different and participate in missions with various goals. Yesterday was a perfect example with: a classical start to the day when we led one of the students we are in charge of at his college, then we went for the first participant in a seminar whose we manage logistics these days. In the late morning we welcomed at the airport an English scientist come to test, as part of a study, a patient treated at the hospital in Beziers. And, on the way back from Béziers to Toulouse we received a call to ask us to drive a person from Toulouse to Aix-en-Provence. This business leader came to spend the weekend in the area with his private plane broke down engine and had imperatively needed to be in his city the next day for major appointments.
We left Toulouse at 19:40, arrived in Aix at 23:35. And we left immediately because the participants of the seminar so we are busy this weekend were waiting for us this morning. Back at 4:00 am we slept two hours before putting ourselves again at the service of our customers, and this with pleasure and with a smile because we chose to be at your service - AVS. www.chauffeur-prive-toulouse.fr /